Time flies and our 30s fly before we know it. The age is the most important age that everyone should worry about by putting the right things in place and laying a good foundation. Here is a look at some of the important things to invest your time in your 30s.

1. Network.71386-14bfcb90d7bd8ca046ff0041b8f6f2b8

Networks are very powerful. They are very important platforms to build your personal life, career and be exposed to lots of opportunities. As a matter of fact, the world is growing into powerful networks of incredible individuals in various fields. Being part of a network is all about making good use of your 30s and shaping your future.

2. Read A Lot
Readers are Leaders. There is nothing more productive than taking the time to read. Read whatever you can get your hands on — current news, non-fiction, fiction, career advice, self-help books. The more you know and understand about people around you, yourself and the world, the more easily and successfully you can navigate those very things.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Well, no matter what you do or what you become, you cannot replace your body or get a new one. And whatever you do, will always be with your body. Be sure to take very good care of your body. General health care is something that later in life you will be glad you considered in your 30s

4. Use Your Time And Money on Education

The world we live in changes every day – evolving with new learning methods and know-how. You may be left out if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills. Education is an invaluable resource that you are unlikely to ever regret having. Use your 30s to broaden your knowledge, and honing skills to be applied to your career path.

5. Pay Attention to your Mental Health and Well-Being

Just as it is very important to take care of your physical body, you should also not neglect your mental health and well-being. Your mental abilities should be stimulated and challenged on a daily basis.

6. Learn New Things And Master Them

While the advice to “follow your passion” can be good in the general sense but it important that master and control a set of skills that can be used to benefit you within the field you are passionate about.

7. Create and maintain good habits.

The hardest part of creating good habits is getting started, but once you are able to master them, they will have an undeniably positive impact on your day-to-day as well as your future.

8. Build Meaningful Relationships

At this age, you should do away with people that won’t add value to your life. No, it is the time to stick around people with positive influence and will help in the pursuit of your future goals.

9. Eat Well

The last thing you’d want to experience at this age is to be held down with illness. Eating well is the way to stay healthy. Do away with junks. Spend time planning meals, learning healthy recipes, and overall taking what you’re eating into consideration regularly.

10. Establish a System of Handling Finances

If nothing else matters to you, this is the age you should be very much concerned about you finances and be prudent with it. Sit down and figure out how you are spending money, what you are spending it on, and what your ongoing expenses are. Save wisely. Invest with wisdom. If you fail in this area at this age, it may take a while before you bounce back.

11. Travel
30s is the age of enthusiasm and lots of energy. It is the age to live, laugh, love, travel, and explore the nooks and crannies of the world. Don’t be left out. Travel wide. Explore new lands. Experience new traditions. Mingle with people. Explore opportunities in new countries. You will learn things that you can take with you and apply to your life back at home.

12. Communicate with loved ones.
This is pretty important. Don’t neglect your loved ones. They are the ones that will always remain with you. They act as your support system when needed. Communicate with them. Remember their birthdays. Take them out on holidays, and important events and spend quality time with them.

Small gestures that show you are thinking about the people who love you go a long way, so take the extra five minutes to write a nice card and stick it in the mail, or schedule that quick Skype call — you won’t regret it.

13. Examine What You Really Want in Life:
Purpose. Know what exactly you want in life. Know where you are going. Map out a plan and have a clear direction of where you are going and how to get there. It’s easy to get caught up in the everything going on throughout your 30s, and people often forget to actually sit down and contemplate what it is they really want. This is the age to do this. Get to it now.


Straight forward from inside, gorgeous from outside, yes- People born in August are stunning, intellectual, magnetic, and attract others with their enthusiastic will power. But wait, there is so much more, you will get overwhelmed reading about their truth, which most people fail to understand. I myself, being an August born, am going to reveal the unsaid, non-manipulated and unbiased truths that people should know to be in good relations with you.

Here are 10 interesting facts about people born in August.

Prefer Extreme Privacy: They don’t want to be with so many people that they don’t know. They want to have extreme privacy at all times. People who are born in August may talk to every person they deal with, but giving trust to anyone easily is not their cup of tea. They only trust few people. So don’t get mad if we don’t trust you…lol.

We Always Thinks We are Right: Having an argument to with us isn’t a good idea. It’s because we have this belief that we are always right. The truth is, we are 90% correct most of the time, and you have to accept it even though it may hurt your ego. This is a fact.

Extremely Moody: Our mood swings are absolutely insane compared to some other people. You may even get intensely irritated all because of this. Our face is the main mirror of what we feel inside. Hence, it’s best to examine our face first before talking to us.

We Love Writing: We are not into verbal. Meaning to say, it’s not normal to hear us complaining for something or voicing out what we feel inside. We love writing and this is where we express our thoughts and feelings.

Choosy:  We always choose people who will become our friends. Collecting many friends is not what we usually do. We only select those people whom we think are worthy of  our time and attention. However, if we consider you as a good friend, we always mean it.

We Never Waste Money: We earn our own money out from our hard work. This is the main reason why we never waste money. We know how hard it is to earn money, so we always give value to our money.

We are Perfectionist: We want everything to be organized. We want a perfect way of living, even the small details should be perfect. If we find things that are being scattered everywhere, then expect that our mood will become bad. Hence, be organized if you want to deal with us.

We Can Easily Forget Things: Most of the time, things that we find uninteresting may be forgotten by us in just a short period of time. If you want to be with us or become our friends, be sure to have something that we can find interesting.

It’s Hard for us to Express the Pain we Feel: You may find us too complicated to understand. It’s because we normally complain when we feel tolerable pain. The problem is, we may not say a word if the pain we felt is already serious.

Short-Tempered: For sure, you won’t like us when we are mad. This goes to show that you have to take note that we are short-tempered. Hence, don’t dare try do some stupid things that we might find nonsense. Be sure not to get messed with us.

Ten (10) Famous People Born in August


Barack Obama


Bill Clinton


Jay-Jay Okocha


Michael Jackson

Prince Daniel

Prince Daniel Aboki Wazobia


Chief MKO Abiola


Mother Teresa


Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (former king of Saudi Arabia)


Joseph Emmanuel Yaba


Nwankwo Kanu


Now you believe great people are born in August.

Once upon a time, all the mouse met together in council to discuss the best means of securing themselves against the attacks of the cat. After several suggestion had been debamaxresdefaultted, a mouse got up and said, “I think I have hit upon a plan which will ensure our safety in the future, provided you approve and carry it out. Lets tie a bell around the neck of our enemy the cat which will b
y tinkling will warn us of its approach.” This proposal was warmly applauded an
d it had nearly been adopted when an old mouse got upon its feet and said, “I agree with you all that the plan before us is an admirable one, but may i ask WHO IS GOING TO BELL THE CAT??”. And suddenly, there was pin drop silence as fear ran across the spine of every mouse present in the meeting. No rat was willing to take the risk!. Sadly, that is the life of most of us today.

If you must succeed, dare to try. Do something! Dare to take a risk! Dare to make a commitment because risk takers are the high fliers of their generation! To fail to risk is to risk failing. The people who risk nothing, do nothing, have nothing and are nothing.

Conquer fear and Take that step TODAY.

Can you bell a lion or a cat?? Go ahead!


History was again repeated on September 25th 2015 when world leaders geared at the United Nation HeaJoseph Emmanuel Yabadquarters in New York to adopt the new set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all and as part of the new sustainable development agenda, each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and everyone in general. Now the big question is are young people fully ready to be at the centre of sustainable development agenda?

Youths can play a critical role in driving the required change if giving the opportunity to do so. Youths can be in the forefront for every major revolution, advocacy campaign and movement for social change and yet they are rarely incorporated in the development of new policies.

Young people can be the driving force for action in education and learning if their views and voices are included and respected in major global issues that affect them. For us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, young people should be involved as active agents in the development agenda because young people will inherit the future. Young people have a lot to offer to sustainable development and should participate in planning the future.

My personal commitment to Sustainable Development Goals is to commit more of my time and resource to advocate for policies and programs that have the potential to impact positively the lives of young people especially in the areas of Health, Education, Environment and Business Development.

Whats your commitment to SDGs??


Joseph Emmanuel YabaBeing a Remark at the Vision 20:2020 Event


Permit me to ask you this question; you are to answer YES or NO. Youths of Today: Has our future finally come?

The Youths of today”, has it is often said are leaders of tomorrow. This is to point out the role young people are called to play in their various communities tomorrow. But, when is tomorrow actually? One may be tempted to ask. This question is very legitimate, given the frustrations and disappointments so many generations have experienced trying to know when their tomorrow will actually come -if it will even come.

Tomorrow as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary is ‘the day after today. Tomorrow is more generally used to talk about the future
. Given that the future is a time yet to come; it is evident that the next minute or even second could be the tomorrow of the youths of our time. Ignorance of this fact and the misconception about the future being especially in terms of weeks, months, and generally years has caused untold sufferings and frustrations to most young people.

The future of every youth of this generation is in fact, today and not tomorrow. For, we are in a generation where, we only seek to know what the country has done for us without seeking to do something for the country-which is stupid. Therefore, we must start by making a difference today; wherever we find ourselves, whatever fined ourselves doing, and however we are doing it. One thing remains; we must create a Better Nigeria.

But the question is, should we just sit, watch things go wrong, and complain? The world has never changed on its own, neither has it ever been changed by people who complain. It takes revolutions to get solutions, and the most important revolution is that which consists of reforming and transforming our mind set. The greatest change we should seek in our society should therefore begin from within every individual sited here this morning. “It is individual destinies that make collective destinies”.

GANDHI said and I quoteBe the change that you want to see in the world” and I put it to you this way; “Be the change that you want to see in Nigeria”

And now as I take my leave, I want you to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Thank you and God bless.

YiSHDAThirty (30) Internally Displaced Persons, (IDPs), camped at Area 1 of the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), graduated from a skills acquisition pro­gramme as part of the Beyond Access Project at the FCT City Library and National Library, Abuja . The Program was organized by Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) and with support from the International Research Exchange Board (IREX). Participants were trained in ICT and Business Development.

The President/CEO of YiSHDA, Mr Joseph Emmanuel Yaba commended the trainees for the successful training and urged them to be good ambassadors and to make judicious use of the skills they have acquired to train others as well. Joseph said in partnership with IREX, YiSHDA is happy to contribute its quota in this direction through skills acquisition training for displaced persons.

In her words the Head, FCT City Library, Abuja Hajiya Neemat Abdulrahim ‘’the displaced persons came into the Library depressed, but today they have acquired skills that will make them self-reliant’’.

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire people to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving their quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.

Beyond Access is an initiative of IREX, EIFL, IFLA, Makaia, Facilitating Change, Development Gateway, The Asia Foundation, READ Global, and with support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Highlights of the event include presentation of certificate to all participants.YiSHDA


The Seven Species (Wheat, Barley, Grapes usually consumed as wine, Figs, Pomegranates, Olives, and Dates)

The Jewish people are commanded to plant FRUIT trees when entering and returning to the land of Israel. “When you come to Israel plant FRUIT trees” and I will bless those who bless you”.

The Hebrew Bible also described Israel as a land blessed with seven fruits and grains, called the seven species or shivat haminim. Today the seven species are still important agricultural items in modern Israel but they no longer dominate the produce of the country as they once did. On the holiday of Tu B’Shvat it has become traditional for Jews to eat from the seven species.

Tu Bishvat is a minor Jewish holiday, occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat.  (This year, Tu Bishvat started at sunset on 15th January and ended at nightfall today 16 January 2014). It is also literally called New Year of the Trees.

Today in contemporary Israel the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day and trees are planted in celebration. The holiday is also celebrated by eating special fruits or having a Tu B’Shvat Seder.

Planting FRUIT trees in Israel brings blessing to the People and the Land and It also takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.


DSCN152032 participants from 18 countries have since arrived Rehovot, Israel for the Weitz Center for Development Studies International Training on Policies, Strategies and Support Systems for Rural Revitalization scheduled from January 13th to February 6th, 2014.

The course Policies, Strategies and Support Systems for Rural Revitalization reflects a growing recognition that rural decline poses a major challenge for the development of the developing world and especially for the development of economies in transition. Increased urbanization and the decline in importance of agriculture represents some of the main driving forces for this phenomenon. In this context, diversification of economic activities, improvement of social services and the establishment of an effective system of support for economic and social development, is paramount for the revitalization of rural areas.

The training targets highly motivated individuals working in the following areas: decision makers and policy makers working in governmental ministries, specifically in the field of rural development, environment, agriculture and resource management, planning and economics; Employees of local authorities in the relevant fields; Representatives of rural association; Managers of cooperatives, NGOs or CBOs; Key workers of private sector businesses which operate in the field.

Israel gained significant experience in rural development and revitalization. This includes national policies for rural development, the establishment of cooperative rural settlements, adopting novel technologies for agricultural production, and contemporary economic diversification of income generating schemes in the rural population.

DSCN2357The Weitz Center for Development Studies is a world leader in capacity building for sustainable development. The Centre’s work is dedicated to fostering the efforts of international organizations, governments, communities, civil society and private sector organizations to achieve economic and social improvements worldwide.

A fulfilling career is something you create. It is not something you just find. Many of us stumble into a career doing less research than when we make a major purchase. When buying anything (e.g Shoes, Cloths, Phones, etc) most of us do research, compare prices, shop around, and talk to people. But our careers last longer than most of these things we buy and we never cared to make research, compare, and even talk to people around when it comes to career choice or decision. The truth is, we owe it to ourselves to devote time and effort to choosing a career, not just any how career but a career that is uniquely you therefore it is important to choose a career that offers personal fulfillment than Financial prosperity.

Career is a lifelong process that is unique for every individual. There are many influences that contribute to your career such as:

  1. Who you are as an individual: This includes your Value, Interests, Skills, Knowledge, Personality, Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Ability, Beliefs and Orientation. For example, your choice of hobbies reflects your interests and abilities.
  2. Your community: The community plays an important role in forming your identity, beliefs and attitudes. Members of your       community can be your family, peers, friends or colleagues from your school or workplace, employers, the media (facebook, twitter, 2go, whatsapp, etc), community groups and clubs. They can influence the lifestyle you want to aspire towards, the work you choose, the life roles you take on and what you value about yourself.

The development of a truly fulfilling career demands a highly creative effort, and you are the ultimate creator of your career.-No one will create it for you. You know why, because GOD has already given you everything it takes to make it in live. What you need is the right tools and strategies to create a fulfilling career.

When you succeed in creating a fulfilling career, it will be uniquely you.  Your career will absolutely be your own creative self-expression. The right career will be so incredibly you that if you thought about replacing yourself with someone else, it just wouldn’t make sense-Because you have made yourself UNIUQE.

You are the star of your own career path.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to copy someone else’s path.  Learn to tap into your inner self and express that which is uniquely you.  You can’t follow in another person’s footsteps, and no one else will be able to follow in yours.


Joseph Emmanuel Yaba