One of the greatest strength in life is your ability to come back after defeat and to do exploit. Defeat doesn’t mean it is finished; defeat is an opportunity to start again with more determination. Don’t stop because you fall, if you don’t fall how you can appreciate the value of your resistance. If you don’t fall how you can understand the wisdom behind determination and do exploits. It is one thing to fall. It is another thing to determine to rise. Look at your position now and say it is not over yet because you still have a lot of thing to exploit.

For you to do exploit, you need to discover yourself because you cannot be who you are ordained to be until you discover yourself. Self awareness is a platform for self discovery. There is general knowledge and there is personal knowledge. With general knowledge, you can beat your peers but with personal knowledge, you will gain more speed than your peers. It is time to discover what will place you above and not below for you to do exploits.

Who you are is always different from who people say you are. Sometimes, people judge you before they hear. Sometimes, people will conclude you because of your mistake. I have come to understand that anybody can place me anywhere in their heart but it is where I place myself that matters to me. It is very important to realize that your mistake lack the ability to stop your fulfillment. Your mistakes are part of the lesson you need to fill your purpose.

What is not in you cannot come out of you. You can’t become what you have not become inside. If it is inside you, nobody can stop you becoming it. You are born to make exploitation!


Some weeks ago, I read a book titled “do leaders make a difference”? I was perplexed by the title because the answer was so obvious. Leaders not only make a difference, I thought, they are the distinguishing factor among nations, and it is their actions, their vision, and their commitment that determine whether their countries are rich or poor, at war or at peace, developing or decaying, models to emulate or pariahs to be avoided.

I have seen a lot on this continent and I marvel at the resiliency and magic of Africa. There is something about this continent that deeply attracts me and gives me hope. There are also other things that I fail to understand and ever so often lead me to despair.

But in all my life, I have never seen a country quite like Nigeria-Big, bold, dynamic, complex, diverse, rich in culture and tradition, Nigeria has the potential to become one of the great countries of the world. Nigeria is rich in natural resources and it has abundance of human capital, highly educated, talented, and entrepreneurial people. Nigeria has also given the world some of its most renowned cultural and literary icons-Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, and Cyprian Ekwensi, to name but a few.

Nigeria’s geography has insulated it from many of the world’s most devastating natural disasters; but this has not shielded Nigeria from the tragedy of unnecessary human loss: most of the disasters in Nigeria are man-made-from Boko Haram killings, to communal and criminal violence that has sensely taken the lives of many Nigerians.

Nigeria’s challenges have always been to transform its great potential into economic and political realities and this is the challenge of leadership. Transformative leadership begins with self-transformation. It begins with changing how we see, hear and act on the challenges we face every day as Nigerians. Transformative leadership begins with a clear and grand vision and empathetic communication. Transformative leadership is principled and focused. It is value-driven.

I will never give up my faith in Nigeria and I know Nigeria will prevail. Leadership will make the difference. I am certain that each of us believes that too.

Indeed, leaders make a difference.


“Destiny is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to wait for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

For you to realize your desired future, putting Your Best Forward is the practical approach to engage your mind to think and draw up action plans to sow and reap the harvest of true success. Irrespective of your family background, educational qualification or social status; the choice to use your mind to create and release value notwithstanding the picture displayed by the social image of the society is the one thing that guarantee an effective life and a secured future.

As an individual, you posses an energy within that drives your survival instinct. It is the power that makes possible your day to day activities, and sustains the reason and hope to live on. This energy is essential. It is the engine that drives the success vehicle, which transport you towards the future you desire for yourself. This energy finds expression through your mental personality and its effects is evident when you have created a potent vision.

A potent vision is not a wish-list. A potent vision is the ability to use your mind to creatively think well- defind and organized thoughts in areas of live and productve activities where you passion, skill and interest. It is visualizing in your mind what is possible in the world. It is seening who you want to become and the unique role you will play in life.

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. To dream big is to create a mental picture of the outcome you desire and the result you want to see in specific, well defined and measurable terms. Through the creative imaginative power of the mind, you can totally picture and expect real events of what you desire, and who you want to become in life.


A dream is your aspiration or what you imagine to become. You can’t do everything but you can do something. That something is your dream.

There is nothing as sweet as putting all your self in one thing and be the best. That is the only way you can fly higher. When you try to become two, you fly below your capability.

The biggest resources on this plant earth are your dreams, ideas, plans, goals and aspirations. The wealthiest spot is not the gold and diamond mines in South Africa, the economy of America, the oil fields of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, or Iraq. Rather the spot is in your dreams.

In order for you to be known across the world, you must first do the incredible and for you to do the incredible, you must dream the impossible. Once you are conscious of the incredibility of the dream you have conceived in your mind, you are then set for action to make it happen. This reminds of me of a film i once watched and had shared with lots of young people. It is titled “Octobet Sky”…It is the tack ahead of you that gives you the zeal and unexpected strength to work harder.

You must have seen this statement somewhere or heard about it..Conceive it, Believe it, and Achieve it.


Joseph Emmanuel Yaba is a young Africa’s Visionary leader born into the family of Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Abaniwo in the year August 13th, 1985. He hails from Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State in Nigeria.  He started his Primary Education at L.E.A Primary School phase 2, Nyanya, Abuja, Nigeria in 1993 and obtained the First School-Leaving Certificate in 1998. In 2004, he obtained the National Business and Technical Certificate with flying colours from Government Science – Technical College Area 3, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria and thereafter proceeded to Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi-State and studied Computer Science. Currently, Joseph Yaba is an Advanced Diploma Student at the International Institute of Computer Science and Engineering in Abuja-Nigeria.             cropped-y-j-2.jpg

He is the President/CEO of Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) a registered youth organization based in Abuja-Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory with an aim to inspire and educate the life of young people by building their capacity, leadership and responsibility skills. It is also the mission of YiSHDA to advocate for policies and programs that have the potentials to impact positively on the lives of young people especially in the areas of Health, Education, Environment and Business Development.

His story is a proof that young people can overcome adversity to succeed and help others get there and his best lessons were learnt when he was growing up. He had to take charge of his life early and nothing was going to discourage him from achieving his aims and goals.

Joseph Yaba do not only inspire young people to be more positive about change in their immediate communities and the world, but also provide them with support and platform upon which they can stand and be the change they seek by engaging in entrepreneurial efforts within their community to create an economically self-sustaining business.

So far, Joseph has successfully organized a Free HIV/AIDS Test and Counselling in Ten (10) Communities across Nigeria; He has also conducted seminars, workshops and had lead various training meetings/programs for young people on Leadership, Self Development and Business Enterprises. So far Joseph has impacted 15, 700 young people from 2011-2013.

Joseph thinks that his greatest accomplishment is always ahead of him. And he believes that he can always do better than what he has previously done. He also believes he can always improve and always have a better accomplishment. His greatest accomplishment is his ability to identify the primary motivational needs of any individual and create the sort of climate and communications which will cause him/her to become motivated. In other words, encourage them to want to move in the direction of achieving their own personal goals.Image

On challenges facing young people in Africa, Joseph have got this to say: “Youth unemployment is an immense waste of human resources that could contribute to economic and social progress of Africa. Youth unemployment is one of the major challenges facing the African Youths. All we need in Africa is a framework to boost employment and job creation for young people; and entrepreneurship is increasingly accepted as an important means and a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence of young people”

In Five (5) years time, Joseph would like to see himself mentally and physically fit and five times more effective and earning a good reputation for himself. He want to see himself as a responsible person whose name must be remembered all the time in the African success stories of young people making impact. He will also like to gain enough skills and experiences to move up in life. He did like to learn as much as he can so he will make a better contribution to the society.

You can connect with Joseph Yaba through his Facebook Account which is His email address is or and his phone numbers are +2347068007945, +2348051522484. He looks forward to working with young people across nations of Africa and the world at large.Image

Inter-generational Dialogue @ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Joseph Emmanuel Yaba with the Senegalese President -His Excellency Macky Sall after the Intergenerational Dialogue with the Head of State at the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Inter-generational Dialogue with Heads of State and Government was organized by the African Union as part of activities to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the African Union/OAU.

The Dialogue was held at the centerpiece of the United Nation Economic Commission of Africa Complex, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The building which opened its doors in 1961 has hosted numerous important Pan-African gatherings including the 1963 conference of the independent African Heads of State and government that lead to the creation of the charter of the Organization of Africa Unity (OAU). It was also declared a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO.

The main objective is to provide a platform for dialogue between selected African Heads of States and young people on major policy initiatives. The platform also provided young people the opportunity to address key questions of how African’s most powerful resources, its youth can be engaged in defining the Africa we want to see come 2063. Seven years after the endorsement of the African Youth Charter by African Heads of State, the urgent need to enhance youth capacity and participation is more prominent.

It was also a moment to build on recent experience and chart the way forward and when the litmus test-Africa as a developed continent is applied in 2063 i.e. 50 years from now, the gains will be self-evident.

Key Issues addressed:

  1. What are the concrete policy commitments that African leaders should make now to set out a trajectory to reap the demographic dividend by 2063?
  2. Investment made today will accrue benefits in 50 years- is Africa on track to accrue those benefits by 2063? If so, what are the benchmarks by which to measure this progress?
  3. How are youths seeking to empower themselves? What do they thinks/feel is hindering them from achieving their potential?
  4. What are African countries currently doing to address the large youth population in terms of Education, Health, Social Justice and improving the welfare of youth and children?

The most important capital you require is not Money, its your MIND. The first and most vital element you need for success is your mind. Whether or not you’re going to be successful in life depends on your mindset. Your mindset is so important….for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Realize that you’re what you think. You’re the character of your thoughts. Refine your thinking and get ready for a great future. Dream for, and build a new and vibrant successful life and it all begins from your MIND.

Picture in your mind what you want to become, and as the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years goes by, the thoughts will become real.

MONEY is just a by product of success.

The world you live in is an intelligent system in which every moving part is coordinated by every other moving part. There’s a universal life force that support and orchestrates everything. It all works in perfect harmony. You are one of those moving parts and you must have shown up here in the world for a reason!

When you are born, your work is placed in your heart, So, what is your work? Your Purpose? Are you  living it out the way your heart urges you to? Take a moment right now and point to yourself.

Pick a situation and ask yourself if what you know or what you feel is most important to you. Generally, what you’ll take care of first depends on the situation and circumstances you’re in.

You will never be at peace if you don’t get that music out and let it play. Let the world know why you’re here and do it with passion.

 You are born to make  a difference!.