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Time flies and our 30s fly before we know it. The age is the most important age that everyone should worry about by putting the right things in place and laying a good foundation. Here is a look at some of the important things to invest your time in your 30s.

1. Network.71386-14bfcb90d7bd8ca046ff0041b8f6f2b8

Networks are very powerful. They are very important platforms to build your personal life, career and be exposed to lots of opportunities. As a matter of fact, the world is growing into powerful networks of incredible individuals in various fields. Being part of a network is all about making good use of your 30s and shaping your future.

2. Read A Lot
Readers are Leaders. There is nothing more productive than taking the time to read. Read whatever you can get your hands on — current news, non-fiction, fiction, career advice, self-help books. The more you know and understand about people around you, yourself and the world, the more easily and successfully you can navigate those very things.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Well, no matter what you do or what you become, you cannot replace your body or get a new one. And whatever you do, will always be with your body. Be sure to take very good care of your body. General health care is something that later in life you will be glad you considered in your 30s

4. Use Your Time And Money on Education

The world we live in changes every day – evolving with new learning methods and know-how. You may be left out if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills. Education is an invaluable resource that you are unlikely to ever regret having. Use your 30s to broaden your knowledge, and honing skills to be applied to your career path.

5. Pay Attention to your Mental Health and Well-Being

Just as it is very important to take care of your physical body, you should also not neglect your mental health and well-being. Your mental abilities should be stimulated and challenged on a daily basis.

6. Learn New Things And Master Them

While the advice to “follow your passion” can be good in the general sense but it important that master and control a set of skills that can be used to benefit you within the field you are passionate about.

7. Create and maintain good habits.

The hardest part of creating good habits is getting started, but once you are able to master them, they will have an undeniably positive impact on your day-to-day as well as your future.

8. Build Meaningful Relationships

At this age, you should do away with people that won’t add value to your life. No, it is the time to stick around people with positive influence and will help in the pursuit of your future goals.

9. Eat Well

The last thing you’d want to experience at this age is to be held down with illness. Eating well is the way to stay healthy. Do away with junks. Spend time planning meals, learning healthy recipes, and overall taking what you’re eating into consideration regularly.

10. Establish a System of Handling Finances

If nothing else matters to you, this is the age you should be very much concerned about you finances and be prudent with it. Sit down and figure out how you are spending money, what you are spending it on, and what your ongoing expenses are. Save wisely. Invest with wisdom. If you fail in this area at this age, it may take a while before you bounce back.

11. Travel
30s is the age of enthusiasm and lots of energy. It is the age to live, laugh, love, travel, and explore the nooks and crannies of the world. Don’t be left out. Travel wide. Explore new lands. Experience new traditions. Mingle with people. Explore opportunities in new countries. You will learn things that you can take with you and apply to your life back at home.

12. Communicate with loved ones.
This is pretty important. Don’t neglect your loved ones. They are the ones that will always remain with you. They act as your support system when needed. Communicate with them. Remember their birthdays. Take them out on holidays, and important events and spend quality time with them.

Small gestures that show you are thinking about the people who love you go a long way, so take the extra five minutes to write a nice card and stick it in the mail, or schedule that quick Skype call — you won’t regret it.

13. Examine What You Really Want in Life:
Purpose. Know what exactly you want in life. Know where you are going. Map out a plan and have a clear direction of where you are going and how to get there. It’s easy to get caught up in the everything going on throughout your 30s, and people often forget to actually sit down and contemplate what it is they really want. This is the age to do this. Get to it now.


Straight forward from inside, gorgeous from outside, yes- People born in August are stunning, intellectual, magnetic, and attract others with their enthusiastic will power. But wait, there is so much more, you will get overwhelmed reading about their truth, which most people fail to understand. I myself, being an August born, am going to reveal the unsaid, non-manipulated and unbiased truths that people should know to be in good relations with you.

Here are 10 interesting facts about people born in August.

Prefer Extreme Privacy: They don’t want to be with so many people that they don’t know. They want to have extreme privacy at all times. People who are born in August may talk to every person they deal with, but giving trust to anyone easily is not their cup of tea. They only trust few people. So don’t get mad if we don’t trust you…lol.

We Always Thinks We are Right: Having an argument to with us isn’t a good idea. It’s because we have this belief that we are always right. The truth is, we are 90% correct most of the time, and you have to accept it even though it may hurt your ego. This is a fact.

Extremely Moody: Our mood swings are absolutely insane compared to some other people. You may even get intensely irritated all because of this. Our face is the main mirror of what we feel inside. Hence, it’s best to examine our face first before talking to us.

We Love Writing: We are not into verbal. Meaning to say, it’s not normal to hear us complaining for something or voicing out what we feel inside. We love writing and this is where we express our thoughts and feelings.

Choosy:  We always choose people who will become our friends. Collecting many friends is not what we usually do. We only select those people whom we think are worthy of  our time and attention. However, if we consider you as a good friend, we always mean it.

We Never Waste Money: We earn our own money out from our hard work. This is the main reason why we never waste money. We know how hard it is to earn money, so we always give value to our money.

We are Perfectionist: We want everything to be organized. We want a perfect way of living, even the small details should be perfect. If we find things that are being scattered everywhere, then expect that our mood will become bad. Hence, be organized if you want to deal with us.

We Can Easily Forget Things: Most of the time, things that we find uninteresting may be forgotten by us in just a short period of time. If you want to be with us or become our friends, be sure to have something that we can find interesting.

It’s Hard for us to Express the Pain we Feel: You may find us too complicated to understand. It’s because we normally complain when we feel tolerable pain. The problem is, we may not say a word if the pain we felt is already serious.

Short-Tempered: For sure, you won’t like us when we are mad. This goes to show that you have to take note that we are short-tempered. Hence, don’t dare try do some stupid things that we might find nonsense. Be sure not to get messed with us.

Ten (10) Famous People Born in August


Barack Obama


Bill Clinton


Jay-Jay Okocha


Michael Jackson

Prince Daniel

Prince Daniel Aboki Wazobia


Chief MKO Abiola


Mother Teresa


Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (former king of Saudi Arabia)


Joseph Emmanuel Yaba


Nwankwo Kanu


Now you believe great people are born in August.