Joseph Emmanuel YabaBeing a Remark at the Vision 20:2020 Event


Permit me to ask you this question; you are to answer YES or NO. Youths of Today: Has our future finally come?

The Youths of today”, has it is often said are leaders of tomorrow. This is to point out the role young people are called to play in their various communities tomorrow. But, when is tomorrow actually? One may be tempted to ask. This question is very legitimate, given the frustrations and disappointments so many generations have experienced trying to know when their tomorrow will actually come -if it will even come.

Tomorrow as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary is ‘the day after today. Tomorrow is more generally used to talk about the future
. Given that the future is a time yet to come; it is evident that the next minute or even second could be the tomorrow of the youths of our time. Ignorance of this fact and the misconception about the future being especially in terms of weeks, months, and generally years has caused untold sufferings and frustrations to most young people.

The future of every youth of this generation is in fact, today and not tomorrow. For, we are in a generation where, we only seek to know what the country has done for us without seeking to do something for the country-which is stupid. Therefore, we must start by making a difference today; wherever we find ourselves, whatever fined ourselves doing, and however we are doing it. One thing remains; we must create a Better Nigeria.

But the question is, should we just sit, watch things go wrong, and complain? The world has never changed on its own, neither has it ever been changed by people who complain. It takes revolutions to get solutions, and the most important revolution is that which consists of reforming and transforming our mind set. The greatest change we should seek in our society should therefore begin from within every individual sited here this morning. “It is individual destinies that make collective destinies”.

GANDHI said and I quoteBe the change that you want to see in the world” and I put it to you this way; “Be the change that you want to see in Nigeria”

And now as I take my leave, I want you to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Thank you and God bless.