The Seven Species (Wheat, Barley, Grapes usually consumed as wine, Figs, Pomegranates, Olives, and Dates)

The Jewish people are commanded to plant FRUIT trees when entering and returning to the land of Israel. “When you come to Israel plant FRUIT trees” and I will bless those who bless you”.

The Hebrew Bible also described Israel as a land blessed with seven fruits and grains, called the seven species or shivat haminim. Today the seven species are still important agricultural items in modern Israel but they no longer dominate the produce of the country as they once did. On the holiday of Tu B’Shvat it has become traditional for Jews to eat from the seven species.

Tu Bishvat is a minor Jewish holiday, occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat.  (This year, Tu Bishvat started at sunset on 15th January and ended at nightfall today 16 January 2014). It is also literally called New Year of the Trees.

Today in contemporary Israel the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day and trees are planted in celebration. The holiday is also celebrated by eating special fruits or having a Tu B’Shvat Seder.

Planting FRUIT trees in Israel brings blessing to the People and the Land and It also takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.