A fulfilling career is something you create. It is not something you just find. Many of us stumble into a career doing less research than when we make a major purchase. When buying anything (e.g Shoes, Cloths, Phones, etc) most of us do research, compare prices, shop around, and talk to people. But our careers last longer than most of these things we buy and we never cared to make research, compare, and even talk to people around when it comes to career choice or decision. The truth is, we owe it to ourselves to devote time and effort to choosing a career, not just any how career but a career that is uniquely you therefore it is important to choose a career that offers personal fulfillment than Financial prosperity.

Career is a lifelong process that is unique for every individual. There are many influences that contribute to your career such as:

  1. Who you are as an individual: This includes your Value, Interests, Skills, Knowledge, Personality, Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Ability, Beliefs and Orientation. For example, your choice of hobbies reflects your interests and abilities.
  2. Your community: The community plays an important role in forming your identity, beliefs and attitudes. Members of your       community can be your family, peers, friends or colleagues from your school or workplace, employers, the media (facebook, twitter, 2go, whatsapp, etc), community groups and clubs. They can influence the lifestyle you want to aspire towards, the work you choose, the life roles you take on and what you value about yourself.

The development of a truly fulfilling career demands a highly creative effort, and you are the ultimate creator of your career.-No one will create it for you. You know why, because GOD has already given you everything it takes to make it in live. What you need is the right tools and strategies to create a fulfilling career.

When you succeed in creating a fulfilling career, it will be uniquely you.  Your career will absolutely be your own creative self-expression. The right career will be so incredibly you that if you thought about replacing yourself with someone else, it just wouldn’t make sense-Because you have made yourself UNIUQE.

You are the star of your own career path.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to copy someone else’s path.  Learn to tap into your inner self and express that which is uniquely you.  You can’t follow in another person’s footsteps, and no one else will be able to follow in yours.


Joseph Emmanuel Yaba