One of the greatest strength in life is your ability to come back after defeat and to do exploit. Defeat doesn’t mean it is finished; defeat is an opportunity to start again with more determination. Don’t stop because you fall, if you don’t fall how you can appreciate the value of your resistance. If you don’t fall how you can understand the wisdom behind determination and do exploits. It is one thing to fall. It is another thing to determine to rise. Look at your position now and say it is not over yet because you still have a lot of thing to exploit.

For you to do exploit, you need to discover yourself because you cannot be who you are ordained to be until you discover yourself. Self awareness is a platform for self discovery. There is general knowledge and there is personal knowledge. With general knowledge, you can beat your peers but with personal knowledge, you will gain more speed than your peers. It is time to discover what will place you above and not below for you to do exploits.

Who you are is always different from who people say you are. Sometimes, people judge you before they hear. Sometimes, people will conclude you because of your mistake. I have come to understand that anybody can place me anywhere in their heart but it is where I place myself that matters to me. It is very important to realize that your mistake lack the ability to stop your fulfillment. Your mistakes are part of the lesson you need to fill your purpose.

What is not in you cannot come out of you. You can’t become what you have not become inside. If it is inside you, nobody can stop you becoming it. You are born to make exploitation!