A dream is your aspiration or what you imagine to become. You can’t do everything but you can do something. That something is your dream.

There is nothing as sweet as putting all your self in one thing and be the best. That is the only way you can fly higher. When you try to become two, you fly below your capability.

The biggest resources on this plant earth are your dreams, ideas, plans, goals and aspirations. The wealthiest spot is not the gold and diamond mines in South Africa, the economy of America, the oil fields of Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, or Iraq. Rather the spot is in your dreams.

In order for you to be known across the world, you must first do the incredible and for you to do the incredible, you must dream the impossible. Once you are conscious of the incredibility of the dream you have conceived in your mind, you are then set for action to make it happen. This reminds of me of a film i once watched and had shared with lots of young people. It is titled “Octobet Sky”…It is the tack ahead of you that gives you the zeal and unexpected strength to work harder.

You must have seen this statement somewhere or heard about it..Conceive it, Believe it, and Achieve it.